My Feed Ltd was established in early 2019 on the recommendations of many happy clients over the past 10-15 years of sales from farm machinery to animal feeds.

Once a farmer always a farmer I say and I have been involved in the agriculture industry for many years starting out milking cows in my first season in 88 and cyclone Bola a season ill never forget and continued milking for 10 years before moving into the sales side of farm machinery and animal feed.

I have a real passion for the industry and enjoy immensely helping farmers with their cows nutrition requirements to get the most out of the pasture by adding the best cost-effective supplements to get results.

My Feed Ltd can make your custom blends to your requirements with many options of products and minerals.

We also supply all products on their own and/or contracts.

We do have available co-products when in season of Corn Silage, Kiwifruit, Onions and Potatoes.

My Feed Ltd is built on happy clients, honesty, quality products and most important fantastic service.

My Feed Ltd sources quality products from quality suppliers & farmers to keep your animals well fed and in optimum health.